Why your pits prefer a natural deodorant

So, you’ve switched out the contents of your skincare cabinet and makeup bag for natural, plant-based products. You’ve started to reach for natural hair-care products and may have even made the switch to a natural toothpaste (we recommend you do!).

Putting on deodorant is just as much a part of our daily routine as cleansing your face and brushing your teeth – which is why it’s just as important for you to be opting for a natural deodorant with ingredients designed to pamper your pits!

Read on for a list of reasons you should make the switch to a natural deodorant.

Why you should make the switch to a natural deodorant

Your mainstream deodorant is actually making your B.O. worse

As you may know, your armpits are home to little glands (aka lymph nodes) which are responsible for releasing toxins from your body through sweat. Just like the rest of the skin on your body, your armpits may too, absorb products that you apply to them!

Take a look at the ingredients list of your current deodorant (go on, I’ll wait!) – you may see chemicals such as aluminum, parabens and phthalates listed, which are all common toxins used in many mainstream deodorants. When chemicals such as these build up on the skin, they mix with the bacteria that causes sweat and can throw off the bacterial balance in your armpits, making your B.O. worse – no thank you!

Sweat is normal – and healthy!

Most mainstream deodorants also work as an antiperspirant, which means they stop your body from sweating the way it is supposed to do. Ingredients such as propylene glycol and aluminium salts that are used in mainstream deodorants can clog pores, block sweat glands and inhibit the natural process of sweat.

While this may sound like an advantage – sweating allows our bodies to excrete toxins and maintain a healthy body temperature, so it is not a function that we want to stop.

Natural deodorants are not designed to work the same as an antiperspirant, and actually allow your body to sweat whilst combating odour and inhibiting odour causing bacteria. Some natural deodorants contain Bamboo, which can absorb twice its weight in sweat and oil and is used to keep your pits fresh and dry – without blocking your sweat glands and stopping the normal (and healthy) bodily function all together.

Natural deodorants combat odour, naturally

Believe it or not, sweat is not to blame for body odour – it is just a mixture of salt and water. Body odour is caused when sweat comes into contact with the natural bacteria that lives on our skin. 

Rather than stopping perspiration, natural deodorants work to neutralize odour and odour causing bacteria with plant-derived actives. A fantastic ingredient to look out for in your natural deodorant is Zinc Ricinoleate. This is the purified fatty acid from the seeds of the Castor Oil plant. It is a highly effective odour-absorbing agent, which works by chemically trapping and absorbing odour molecules formed when sweat meets bacteria on your skin.

Irritation and pain-free pits

Chemicals commonly found in mainstream deodorants such as parabens and synthetic fragrances are known offenders for causing skin irritation and allergies. They are also known to worsen skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

When antiperspirants block the sweat glands to prevent perspiration, sweat can build up beneath the skin. This can often cause bumpy, irritated skin.

As natural deodorants are free from harsh chemicals and allow the body to sweat, you can rest assured knowing that you pits will be pain-free!

Some people may find that bicarb found in many natural deodorants can cause irritation – so we recommend looking for one sans bicarb if you have sensitive skin.

Stain-free clothing 

I can confidently say that if you have used a mainstream deodorant, you have most likely experienced those dreaded stains on your clothing. Picture yellow underarms on your favourite white top, and white patches on your best black dress.

The chemicals found in mainstream deodorants can react with the chemicals in your clothing’s fabric and cause those pesky patches.

Rest assured, our deodorant won’t leave any stains or patches on your clothes.

Environmentally friendly

The use of all-natural ingredients in natural deodorants means that no harmful chemicals are making their way into our eco-systems.

Common chemicals used in mainstream deodorants such as triclosan and formaldehyde can be damage to wildlife and fauna, while others (such as mineral oils) are known to release carbon emissions during production.

On top of that, majority of non-natural deodorants are housed in non-recyclable or plastic packaging.

When looking for a natural deodorant, opt for one that is in recyclable or biodegradable packaging, or FSC certified papers.


Edible Beauty’s Natural, Zero Waste Deodorants

Ditch plastic packaging and traditional antiperspirants and make the switch to natural deodorant with our nourishing, natural deodorant block.

This everyday essential contains powerful anti-odour actives including Magnesium Hydroxide, Zinc Ricinoleate and Triethyl Citrate, which work to prevent and neutralise odour-causing bacteria and neutralise the body's natural pH whilst allowing the body to perspire. 

Gentle organic coconut oil and cacao butter have been blended with zinc and bamboo to provide all day freshness. 

Our Natural, Zero Waste Deodorant ticks all the boxes:

  • Zero waste packaging
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Keeps you fresh without inhibiting perspiration
  • Aluminium free
  • Sensitive skin friendly (no bicarb!)
  • No synthetic fragrances

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Daisy Thompson

BComm&Media (MktgComm)

Daisy has a Bachelor in Communications and Media (Marketing) and brings a love for all things make-up and beauty to the Edible Beauty team. With qualifications in both Marketing along with Makeup Artistry, Daisy has a strong passion for natural beauty products and has spent many years experimenting with makeup and skincare. She believes that good, healthy skin is the ideal canvas for makeup, and to achieve this you must look after your skin from the inside – and out. Daisy has experimented with natural skin remedies throughout her teen years to improve skin conditions such as eczema and hormonal skin issues and has developed a strong belief in the power of botanical actives. 

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