Botanical Sleep Support

Botanical Sleep Support


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  • Description

    Botanical Sleep Support is for those who lie awake thinking about a good night’s beauty sleep. Calm your mind, relieve nervous tension, and reduce sleeplessness with our dreamy combination of four natural herb ingredients; Valerian, Passionflower, Hops, and Lemon Balm.

    Backed by Australia’s leading sleep expert

    As Australia’s leading sleep expert, I am so passionate about helping people achieve their best night’s sleep, and when it comes to natural sleep supplements, Edible Beauty Australia’s new naturopath formulated Botanical Sleep Support is one of the best! It has been specifically formulated to enhance GABA production, and contains key herbs such as Passionflower, Valerian and Lemon Balm which calm the mind and body, and help you get to sleep and stay asleep longer. I love that it is 100% natural, vegan and free from artificial hormones. I truly recommend this formulation for anyone who is struggling to get a good night’s sleep!” 
    Olivia Arezzolo, Australia’s leading sleep expert

  • Key Actives

    Passionflower flower & leaf extract, calms the mind and relieves tension whilst enhancing healthy sleep patterns, helping you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer. Enhances GABA production, an amino acid responsible for the body’s ability to fall asleep 

    Valerian Root, improves insomnia, reduces states of anxiety and helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. 

    Hop Strobile Fruit Extract, reduces over-activation, restlessness and nervousness to calm the mind and body for a good night’s sleep 

    Lemon Balm leaf extract, calms the nervous system and prevents restless energy helping you to fall asleep and stay asleep.

  • Directions & Ingredients


    Adult dosage: Two capsules daily, 1-2 hours before bed, or as advised by health professional. 

    If symptoms persist, talk to healthcare professional. In rare cases, valerian may harm the liver. Stop use and see a doctor if you have yellowing skin/eyes or unusual fatigue, nausea, appetite loss, abdominal pain, dark urine or itching. 
    Vegan formula. Does not contain nuts, soy, milk, egg, fish products, animal products and gluten. 
    Store below 25°C in a cool, dry place. 
    Do not use if the cap seal is broken or missing.


    Active ingredients per capsule 
    Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) root extract 150 mg Equivalent Valeriana officinalis root dry 1.5g Hops (Humulus lupulus) strobile fruit extract 100 mg Equivalent Humulus lupulus strobile fruit dry 1g Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) flower & leaf extract 150 mg Equivalent Passiflora incarnata flower & leaf dry 1.5g Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) leaf extract 44.44 mg Equivalent Melissa officinalis leaf extract 1g Contains sulfites

Customer Reviews

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Kym C
Some improvement

I have only been taking these sleep supplements for a little over a week so I think it's probably too soon to tell if they are having the desired effect on my sleep patterns. As someone who really struggles to fall asleep I was willing to give these a try. I like that they contain all natural ingredients. I have been taking these about 2 hours before bed and using these along with essential oils in my diffuser and a essential oil based natural sleep balm on my wrists and neck. I seem to be falling asleep a little bit easier but still wake in tge morning feeling tired. Hoping over time this will improve.

Hi Kym! Thank you for your honest feedback. We hope to hear positive improvements from you soon.

They weren't kidding - highly recommended

I gave the Botanical Sleep Support a go as I work on different time zones and my sleep gets messed up often, when things are busy at work the sleep is usually the first to go
Tried them and for the first time in over two months got a straight 7 hour sleep!✊

Great product

This product works better than I ever expected it to work. I take 2 capsules an hour of 2 before bedtime and I sleep better than I have in a very long time. They definitely work great and I absolutely recommend them!


Great product, I have been taking two capsules about an hour before bed and I am falling asleep really easily which has always been a problem for me and I am waking up feeling fresh.

Changed my sleep forever

I used to struggle with terrible insomnia that would make me so anxious and take over my life! This product allowed me to fall asleep with ease and no stress and I wake up so refreshed when I take these!
Thank you endlessly! So grateful I found this product

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