5 easy ways to instantly brighten dull skin - naturopath approved!

We have all gone through stages of feeling as though our skin lacks vibrancy. Your normal skincare routine may not be cutting it, and you know (deep down) that something about your current lifestyle is really not serving you! But you need a quick fix to get you and your skin feeling bouncy, bright and happy again and you have no idea what will provide some quick results.

To help you get your glow back, I am sharing my 5 proven tips for getting your skin back on track quickly and naturally!

1. Plump it up!

The best way to plump up our skin is internally. Skin which is lacklustre and dull may simply be needing more hydration. I recommend doing this with a DIY electrolyte drink! Drink it in the morning and pop an Inner Essentials Skin + Liver Cleanse tablet at the same time for bonus skin and liver detoxifying benefits.

  • 100 ml coconut water
  • 50 ml lemon and orange juice
  • 1 scoop magnesium powder
  • Pinch of Celtic Sea Salt
  • 1 teaspoon cream of tartar (a great source of potassium)

When my skin is feeling dull, I also make a point of getting warm liquids in. I feel my thermos/insulated bottle with 1 pot full of Green Goddess Detox or Golden Glow tea and immediately feel the boost to hydration. 

On the outside, opt for serums and moisturisers containing Hyaluronic acid! Apply these on damp skin to ensure that you are not sapping any existing hydration from your skin. I love the combination of our No.3 Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum and Botanical Water Gel for that instantly plump and bouncy complexion!

2. Double mask

Lactic acid is a wonderful tool available to us when it comes to sloughing away dead skin cells and allowing fresh and youthful skin to shine through. I recommend avoiding harsh acids in skincare products (which can irritate skin and exacerbate pigmentation and dryness) and instead opt for a DIY option using yoghurt or vinegar along with skin soothing aloe vera. The combination of the aloe and acid works to beautifully and instantly brighten skin.

Here is your DIY lactic acid mask:

  • 1 tablespoon aloe gel
  • 1 tablespoon yoghurt
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • Squeeze of lemon juice or 4 drops of apple cider (avoid if sensitive)

Mix the above in a bowl. Leave on face for 10 minutes or use as a rinse by massaging well into skin, adding water, emulsifying and rinsing if you do not have time.

Follow with Bloom of Youth Infusion Mask, the combination of Hyaluronic acid and skin brightening natural AHAs in this mask work to immediately brighten and plump skin.

3. Glow drops

When it comes to flawless glowing skin, using the right face oil and foundation can make all the difference. If you feel as though your foundation is not sitting well on your skin, nor doing your complexion any favours, I recommend blending it with a few drops of our Snowflower Illuminating Face Oil. The nourishing oils in this formula, including Camellia Seed, native Australian seed oils and Jojoba have instant skin illuminating benefits. When combined with Oleactif, a natural skin brightening active, from Licorice and Marshmallow extracts, we get incredible skin glowing action!

 4. Avoid alcohol and dairy

Alcohol and Dairy can be the worst offenders when it comes to dull and lack lustre skin. The most irritating thing about alcohol and dairy is that it does not take very long for their impact to show up on our complexion in the form of dullness, breakouts or a visible lack in vitality.

I recommend limiting alcohol consumption to 2-3 drinks a week and avoiding dairy altogether. Opt for dairy alternatives such as oat and almond milk. Swap out your alcoholic drinks for sparkling water and fresh lemon and lime juice. It may take a bit of resolve but once you are in the swing of a low alcohol and dairy free life you will never look back!

5. Your skin likes to move it, move it, move it!

Vibrant and bouncy skin can be created by ensuring that oxygenated and nutrient rich blood is circulating to your complexion! If you are feeling your blood flow is stagnant and your body is not moving as much as it should be, head out for a walk by the ocean or better still a light jog. If this is not possible (or you have the extra time up your sleeve) get your facial muscles moving. Just like our bodies our faces also have muscles that like to be moved. Don’t underestimate the important of shifting fluid, lymph and blood around the face!  I recommend using a tool such as our Beauty Tool (hybrid roller and Gua Sha) to massage your face. Use a nourishing serum or oil under this to ensure you maximise the glow giving benefits.


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Daisy Thompson

BComm&Media (MktgComm)

Daisy holds a Bachelor's degree in Communications and Media (Marketing) and brings her passion for beauty, health, and wellness to the Edible Beauty team. With a lifelong interest in natural skin remedies, Daisy has personally experimented with solutions for skin conditions such as eczema and hormonal imbalances, fostering a strong belief in the efficacy of botanical actives. As a competitive bodybuilder, she is dedicated to enhancing her health and vitality through natural methods, supporting her vibrant and healthy lifestyle.

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