Essential Beauty Vitamins You Need to Put on Your Skin - Not Just Eat!

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A healthy diet rich in beauty-boosting nutrients is a well known part of achieving an inside-out glow. However, nourishing your skin with vitamins topically as well as internally is key to ensuring your skin is getting all the nutrition it needs to stay healthy, clear and youthful.

In fact, the skin is one of the last places that the nutrients from our diet are delivered to, which makes it even more important to double dose on essential complexion loving nutrients both internally and externally. This two-pronged approach has been shown to prevent skin damage and correct beauty concerns such as dryness, acne and uneven skin tone.

Here are our top vitamins you need to be including in your skincare routine - not just eating - and where to find them!

Vitamin E

How does it work?  

Vitamin E is a highly effective antioxidant when it comes to anti-ageing support. Vitamin E levels in the skin are reduced the more we are exposed to sunlight, environmental pollutants and internal toxins. Supplementing with this antioxidant helps to reduce oxidative damage and disrupts the chain reaction caused by free radicals. It also prevents wrinkle formation by supporting new skin cell growth and speeding up cell regeneration. Transepidermal water-loss is reduced with Vitamin E, this boosts the skin natural moisture content.

Skin benefits:

  • Accelerated skin repair
  • Hydrated and smooth skin
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Improvement in fine lines and wrinkles

Where you will find it:

B Group Vitamins 

B vitamins are responsible for reducing inflammation in the body, which makes them vital in controlling conditions such as rosacea and dermatitis. Two of our favourites to apply topically include Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B5.

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)

How does it work?

Niacinamide helps to restore and build the epidermal lipid barrier of the skin, strengthening it and improving the skin’s natural ability to protect itself from external stressors (heat, water, wind and sweat). If you are prone to skin flushing and sensitivity it is worth adding B3 into your skincare routine. Niacinamide has also been shown to reduce signs of red blotchiness and sallow skin, tell-tale signs of facial ageing.

Skin benefits:

  • Redness reduction
  • Even skin tone
  • Improve skin barrier

Where you will find it:

Vitamin B5 (Calcium Pantothenate)

How does it work?

Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5) has regenerative, healing and protective benefits. It works by stabilising the skin barrier, which reduces the amount of water that is lost through the skin and in this way helps to improve skin softness and elasticity.

Skin benefits:

  • Soft, supple skin
  • Redness relief
  • Stronger skin barrier

Where you will find it:

Vitamin C
How does it work? 

Vitamin C is a classic super potent antioxidant and is one of the building blocks of collagen synthesis which makes it imperative in any anti-ageing skincare regime, both inside and out. Studies have also shown that Vitamin C application helps to protect again free radical damage that is damaging your dermis and may prevent UV induced damage and stimulate DNA repair. The use of Vitamin C topically has been shown to decrease wrinkling, improve smoothness of the skin and increase production of collagen. Vitamin C helps to lighten and brighten skin naturally to fight dark spots in addition to boosting collagen production.

Skin benefits:

  • Enhance skin collagen production
  • Brighter skin tone
  • Reduced pigmentation

Where you will find it:

We use naturally occurring vitamin C in our skincare formulations. This ensures that the vitamin C is stable and that is does not oxidise over time. Naturally occurring vitamin C does not increase UV sensitivity which is a danger with many synthetic vitamin C products. You will find naturally occurring vitamin C in:


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Anna Mitsios

Adv. Dip. Naturopathy. Adv. Dip. Nutrition. B.Com (Honours)

Anna is a certified naturopath and nutritionist and founder of leading Australian natural skincare and wellness company, Edible Beauty Australia. Anna has been featured in various publications including Mind Body Green, Women’s Health and Allure. She is committed to the natural transformation of her client’s skin using proven botanicals, nutrients and herbal formulations, both on the inside and out.  

Anna’s career began in the corporate sector, where she specialised in corporate finance and private banking for over ten years working in Sydney and New York for a large Australian bank. Anna’s career change was sparked by her own health journey, following a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes at 18 years of age.  Her diagnosis triggered her intense study of botanicals and nutrition to manage auto-immune condition and assist others in attaining optimal health. Anna’s naturopathy career has included working as a naturopath within a reputable natural fertility clinic in Sydney, within a pharmacy and health food store and running her own naturopathy practice. 

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