Five Reasons You Need A Sleep Mask In Your Skincare Routine

Making your skincare work harder for you whilst you sleep is one of the most effective ways to achieve flawless and radiant skin, literally overnight. If you have not used a sleep mask before, I encourage you to incorporate this product into your skincare regime! I provide five reasons we love sleep masks below.
Purify Whilst You Sleep
Our skin is working in overdrive during the evening hours to repair and regenerate. Using a sleep mask is the perfect way to provide it with a helping hand in purifying, hydrating and repairing the skin for a radiant and rested complexion the next morning. & Sleeping Beauty Purifying Mousse contains Australian Pink Clay and Zeolite, two unique purifying ingredients. Australian Pink Clay detoxifies the skin by gently removing and trapping free radicals. Its hydrating properties help to refine delicate lines, moisturise, and improve the overall texture of the skin. Zeolite is unique in its micro-porous cellular structure which enables it to attract positively charged contaminants, drawing and removing impurities. It also helps to strengthen and firm the skin due to its unique volcanic mineral composition and high levels of natural silica.

Overnight Results
Using high-performance natural skincare whilst you sleep is the most efficient way to achieve quick and instant results when it comes to radiant skin literally overnight. We call it the ultimate product in a "lazy" skincare routine. Our Sleeping Beauty Mousse has been proven time and time again to provide fast purifying, and hydrating action overnight – making your skincare work harder for you as you sleep. There is something incredibly satisfying about waking up to a naturally clear, hydrated and radiant complexion. Skin is left soft and hydrated, pores are unclogged and the incidence of acne-break outs reduced.

Intense Hydration
Whilst we sleep our skin and body can become dehydrated. Sleep masks can quench the skin's thirst for nourishing hydration. Our & Sleeping Beauty Purifying Mousse has an aloe gel base which penetrates deep into the skin epidermis to soften the skin and enhance its elasticity. This provides a plump and youthful appearance to the skin when you wake up.

Oily T-Zone Control
Hormones are often one of the main reasons for a problematic T-zone. Alpha Avocuta, derived from avocado oil works hormonally to control an oily T-zone. Given hormones kick into gear overnight, it makes perfect sense to address this using a sleep mask.  Sleeping Beauty Purifying Mousse contains Alpha Avocuta, an ingredient that has been clinically shown to reduce a shiny T-zone by over 70% in 3 weeks. For those that are interested in the science, it does this by controlling production of 5 alpha reductase, the enzyme which converts testosterone into DHT, a powerful androgen responsible for hormonal acne.

Pre-Slumber Pamper 
It is often hard to find time to pamper ourselves given our hectic lifestyle. But you can always find time to indulge in self-care before sleep! Brewing a tea and applying a sleep mask before hopping into bed is the ultimate pampering and nurturing gift to you.

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Anna Mitsios

Adv. Dip. Naturopathy. Adv. Dip. Nutrition. B.Com (Honours)

Anna is a certified naturopath and nutritionist and founder of leading Australian natural skincare and wellness company, Edible Beauty Australia. Anna has been featured in various publications including Mind Body Green, Women’s Health and Allure. She is committed to the natural transformation of her client’s skin using proven botanicals, nutrients and herbal formulations, both on the inside and out.  

Anna’s career began in the corporate sector, where she specialised in corporate finance and private banking for over ten years working in Sydney and New York for a large Australian bank. Anna’s career change was sparked by her own health journey, following a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes at 18 years of age.  Her diagnosis triggered her intense study of botanicals and nutrition to manage auto-immune condition and assist others in attaining optimal health. Anna’s naturopathy career has included working as a naturopath within a reputable natural fertility clinic in Sydney, within a pharmacy and health food store and running her own naturopathy practice. 

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