Four ways to protect your skin from Blue Light damage


When it comes to skincare our focus is often on stopping the clock on the signs of ageing, however we are now becoming more aware of the impact of environmental toxins on our skin and their impact on the ageing process.  

High Energy Visible (HEV) light or blue light comes from both sun exposure along with our digital devices such as our phones, ipads and tv-screens. With many of us now spending more time in front of these devices, the impact of these rays on the skin is starting to become a concern.

How does Blue Light affect the skin?

Blue Light protecting serum

Long term exposure to blue light has been shown to not only cause serious skin damage including pigmentation, but it can also promote the breakdown of collagen and can exacerbate existing skin conditions including dry and dull skin, acne or hypersensitive skin and fine lines and wrinkles. 

When combined with UVA and UVB sun damage, long term exposure to blue light can have a cumulative effect on the skin, ultimately presenting itself as premature ageing.

Research on the impact of this light is scary! One peer-reviewed study of the effects of blue light on the skin, published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology in 2010, found that exposing skin to the amount of blue light we get from the sun caused more pigment, redness, and swelling than when the same person's skin was exposed to comparable levels of UVA rays. 

So, what can be done to protect ourselves from the damaging impact of blue light? 

4 things you can do to protect your skin from Blue Light damage 

Load up on antioxidants inside and out. 

Antioxidants are the key to defending the skin from blue light damage, this is because they are rapidly depleted the more we are exposed to damaging blue light. By giving the skin a healthy dose of antioxidants you create a “bank” or store of them so they continue to work when you remove your sunscreen.  

Broccoli Extract when topically applied has been shown to work inside cells by boosting the production of a network of protective enzymes that defend cells against many aspects of damage, including UV and blue light damage.

Powerful antioxidants found in Kale and St Mary’s Thistle extracts are also effective at neutralising free radical and environmental damage. These superfoods when applied to the skin (and consumed) are known to be potent detoxifiers and repair system stimulants to help damaged tissue and rejuvenate the skin from within.

You will find these ingredients in our Broccoli Blue Light Revitalise Serum, our key booster serum designed to protect and shield the skin.  


Broccoli Blue Light protecting serum


Vitamin C is also a key nutrient when it comes to defending the skin from the effects of pollution by blocking the formation of free radicals. Look for a Vitamin C serum which is plant-based vs synthetic such as No.3 Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum

The Vitamin C found in this serum is trapped in the plant cells of native Australian extracts such as Kakadu Plum, Riberry and Davidson Plum. This ensures that the vitamin C does not oxidise before being applied on the skin and does not increase skin UV sensitivity.

Loading up on vitamin C internally can also be an effective way to protect our skin and bodies from inflammation. A colourful diet rich in antioxidants including Vitamin C neutralizes free radical and ensures that skin is kept firm and elastic, withstanding the effects of damaging air and pollutants.  


Antioxidant skin serum


Look out for hero active, Niacinamide

Niacinamide has been shown to even skin tone and help to build a strong skin barrier. Did you know it is also a hero active for protecting the skin against blue light?

Its mechanism of action relates to its ability to repair and protect the skin.  Blue light increases oxidative stress in the skin by inducing reactive oxygen species (ROS), a damaging process which can destruct skin proteins and lipids. Niacinamide has been shown to reduce the ROS process in response to blue light irradiation. It has also been shown to enhance the repair of DNA damage in human keratinocytes and in human skin. You will find Niacinamide in our & Coco Bliss Intensive Repair Crème and Broccoli Blue Light Revitalise serum.

Coco Bliss Intensive Repair Creme

Provide a physical barrier.  

Providing a film/barrier across the skin will help to protect it from external aggressors. Ingredients such as polysaccharides form a net on the skin’s surface and stop pollutants from sticking, which therefore protects the cells from damage. Skincare ingredients containing polysaccharides include Snow Mushroom (found in our Microbiome Calming Milk) along with Honey Locus Seed found in our Bloom of Youth Infusion Mask. 

Microbiome Calming Milk

Search for ingredients that help to balance your skin’s circadian rhythm

Our skin cells contain a circadian clock (body clock) which play a role in the regulation of the circadian rhythm.  During the daytime our circadian rhythm is focused on defence whilst in the evening its focus is on repairing cellular damage.

Blue light and stress can disrupt this circadian rhythm, leading to skin that is fatigued, prone to free radical damage and predisposed to accelerated ageing. The skin’s detoxification pathway also slows down which means the skin’s ability to repair itself, hydrate and control sebum production are all impacted.

A new class of skincare actives have been shown to be able to regulate or reset the skin’s circadian rhythm and we have used this technology in our Broccoli Blue Light Revitalise Serum.

B-CircadinTM is extracted from Lespedeza capitata, a species of flowering plant from the legume family, grown in Korea and contains key active compounds which are directly involved in the skin’s circadian clock maintenance.  It has been clinically shown to be able to resynchronise the rhythm of key circadian genes on skin exposed to blue light.  It improves skin tone and reduces signs of skin fatigue caused by stressful lifestyles that impair the circadian cycle and has been also shown to protect the skin against blue light.

natural Blue light blocking serum

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Anna Mitsios

Adv. Dip. Naturopathy. Adv. Dip. Nutrition. B.Com (Honours)

Anna is a certified naturopath and nutritionist and founder of leading Australian natural skincare and wellness company, Edible Beauty Australia. Anna has been featured in various publications including Mind Body Green, Women’s Health and Allure. She is committed to the natural transformation of her client’s skin using proven botanicals, nutrients and herbal formulations, both on the inside and out.  

Anna’s career began in the corporate sector, where she specialised in corporate finance and private banking for over ten years working in Sydney and New York for a large Australian bank. Anna’s career change was sparked by her own health journey, following a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes at 18 years of age.  Her diagnosis triggered her intense study of botanicals and nutrition to manage auto-immune condition and assist others in attaining optimal health. Anna’s naturopathy career has included working as a naturopath within a reputable natural fertility clinic in Sydney, within a pharmacy and health food store and running her own naturopathy practice. 

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